5 Tips To Help Get Your Elderly Parent Online

If you have an elderly parent, there is a good chance that he or she is still not used to using a computer. However, if you can get your parent accustomed to using a computer, you might find that it will benefit him or her in these later years. After all, your loved one can use the internet to keep up with family and friends, shop for items and have them delivered to the house, play games to help them with their memory and more. Even though the process of getting an elderly parent online can be a bit overwhelming, following these steps should help.

1. Help Your Parent Find a Computer

First of all, you will need to help your parent find a computer. If your parent is new to the online world, he or she might not need a computer with very many capabilities. Instead, a simple, base-model laptop or desktop computer should do the job for most older people who are beginners. Do your research and help your parent find the computer that is right for him or her.

2. Sign Up for Internet Service

Obviously, if your parent is going to be getting online, then he or she is going to need internet service. Since your parent might be a bit confused and overwhelmed by things like internet speeds, calling a local internet service provider and getting internet service set up can help him or her get started.

3. Help Your Parent Get Everything Set Up

Setting up a computer and modem can be a bit frustrating for many people, and it can be very confusing for those who are new to using computers. Therefore, you may want to help your elderly parent get his or her computer set up and get it hooked up to the internet. Also, make sure that your parent has a safe and comfortable place to relax while using his or her computer.

4. Enroll Your Parent in a Computer Class

One good way to get your parent introduced to using a computer is by enrolling him or her in a computer class. You may be able to find one at a local senior center or community college. This can help your parent learn a little bit about using a computer and might give him or her an opportunity to make some friends as well.

5. Provide Help and Instruction

Even after your parent takes a computer class, he or she might still need some help. By being patient and doing what you can to teach your parent how to use the internet, you can help arm him or her with the information to enjoy everything that the internet has to offer.

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