6 Signs You Should Use FEA On A Project

Finite element analysis services can provide insights into the expected performance of products, materials, and systems. You might wonder if FEA will be valuable for your project, though. You should discuss simulation options with a finite element analysis consulting firm if it exhibits any of these six signs.

Unusually Complex Shapes

Complex geometries can be tricky to understand. If you're designing a tool that has an unusual edge compared to other products on the market, you should use FEA to assess how those geometries will behave. FEA allows you to study the stresses that appear in less common geometries. Likewise, you can see how air and water will flow around them.

Nonlinear Performance

Many materials don't maintain their shapes under certain conditions. Plastics, for example, can deform under pressure. Even materials with incredible strength under normal conditions can deform under the right ones. Apply a thousand degrees of heat to a beam of steel, and it will become a nonlinear material.

Modeling nonlinearity can be challenging. Fortunately, finite element analysis service providers use advanced computing programs to calculate how these materials will perform in a wide range of conditions.


Studying unstable structural setups is also a good task for FEA. You might need to determine how a foundation will perform in a tall building if you change the load. FEA can help you determine what the conditions for instability are. You can then make better decisions about load distribution to prevent instability.


Materials often experience fatigue. It is important to determine when this is likely to happen. Even if you're worried about a single bolt, an analysis of its performance over time and under load can tell you how often you'll need to check and replace it.

Dynamic Problems

Some issues operate in very dynamic conditions. Suppose you need to do outdoor welding in a very cold environment. You will want to assess how the different materials will interact with both extreme heat and cold. Finite element analysis services can give you a heads-up on hard-to-predict problems in dynamic situations.


Getting that last bit of performance out of a product or system can be difficult. With FEA, you can optimize forms and materials by looking at millions or even billions of simulations. You can then narrow in on a specific set of models that yields optimal performance. With additional real-world testing, you can validate the models and move better designs into production. 

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