Advice For Companies Investing In DAS For Better In-Building Public Safety Coverage

You can improve in-building public safety coverage with a DAS (distributed antenna system), which will boost your coverage and thus help first responders that need to communicate with you during emergency situations. Just make sure you invest in said technology using these protocols. 

Make Sure it's Completely Turnkey

Since time and money go into investing in a DAS to improve in-building public safety coverage during emergency situations, you want to get an antenna solution that's completely turnkey. That means you don't have to add on to it or worry about an incomplete antenna solution.

Everything you need to boost your building's wireless communications with first responders will be included in the DAS, and this is something the company you buy from will verify when you first request quotes for said antenna technology. Turnkey DAS solutions will also be easier to set up.

Cater to Your Building's Materials

One reason your building may be causing interference when wireless communications are involved is because of the materials incorporated throughout it. Things like concrete and certain metals may be hindering signal strength. In this case, you need to make sure you get a DAS that is catered to these exact materials.

That's going to give your building better signal strength and help you maintain it consistently so that you aren't in danger from a communication standpoint when emergency situations develop. If you don't know what materials are already incorporated throughout your building, you can just get with an architect or engineer and they'll break down potential materials holding your wireless communications back. Then you can refine what DAS you go for. 

Consult with Professionals for the Install

After you've found the right DAS for your property, you need to verify its setup goes smoothly at every stage. For this, you can just opt into professional installation services from either the manufacturer you're buying from or an independent company that specializes in DAS installation.

Either way, they're going to put this antenna system around the right areas and perform testing to verify quality performance. Then you and others won't be exposed from a communication standpoint when first responders reach out during emergencies.

A DAS is one of the best investments you could make for commercial property because it helps reduce signal interference when talking to first responders. If you get the right system and plan out its installation carefully, you'll have signal capabilities when they matter. 

For more about in-building public safety DAS coverage, contact a company in your area.