4 Powerful Reasons to Use Power BI Customer Dashboard for Business Analytics

Do you need better data insights to enable better customer service in your business? While many data analytics exist today, many business owners and their employees still have difficulty visualizing data in easy-to-understand formats. Power BI is a tool that enables interactive data visualization with data insights based on business intelligence. Power BI customer dashboard allows the user to create custom reports, tables, charts, and other data analytics and visualization elements. Read on to learn about the advantages of Power BI.

Connect Different Data Sources 

The compatibility of data sources is a big challenge in data analysis. It is common to find an organization using different data analysis tools, both local and cloud-hosted platforms. Pulling data from these sources often requires writing code to change the data into a format the data analysis platform can understand. 

With a customer dashboard for Power BI, you can pull data from many popular data analytics platforms. It can also pull datasets from different database formats, including SQL and Oracle, to create custom reports. This tool offers drag-and-drop functionality for data pulling, making it usable by everyone in the team. You don't have to code or reformat anything. 

Use Familiar Spreadsheet Features 

Power BI often integrates easily with spreadsheet programs for data analysis. You can use familiar interfaces from popular spreadsheet programs. These integrations make Power BI more acceptable by people new to data visualization because they can use familiar interfaces. Advanced users of these spreadsheet apps can also deploy powerful query and scripting tools. 

Integration With Open Source Data Visualization Tools

There is an active community with developers availing their visualization tools. In addition, there are plenty of open-source tools you can customize to your needs for better visualization. Customer dashboards allow you to visualize your data uniquely. In addition, you can improve the existing visuals while taking advantage of advanced features like heatmaps, correlation plots, and decision trees. 

Stronger Data Security 

With data security becoming a hot legal issue, your data handling platforms must comply with various data privacy guidelines and laws. The Power BI customer dashboard makes it easier to govern data access and security from one platform. Power BI usually comes with built-in user authentication and security options that meet all of today's compliance guidelines. 

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