What To Know About Upgrading To 1 Gigabit Internet

More Internet service providers these days are offering options for 1 gigabit Internet service. These are speeds that were not possible a few years ago and they can offer you blazing fast Internet speed that is quite different from anything you've experienced. If you're on the fence about whether you should upgrade to these faster speeds, here are some things to consider.

Faster Download Speeds

As you can imagine, 1 gigabit Internet is going to give you faster download speeds across your entire network. This doesn't just mean one person having those fast speeds, but everyone having access to them.

You may have been running into problems in the past where one person's Internet use was slowing down the entire network. They may have been downloading some large files or streaming video, causing everyone else's connection to lag. That is because there was not enough bandwidth to go around to everyone. However, faster download speeds up to 1 gigabit means that it will be impossible to run into issues where one person is hitting the speed cap and affecting other users. Everyone on your network can be streaming their own 4K Ultra HD TV shows to their devices without any effect on performance.

Faster Upload Speeds

It is common for many Internet service providers (ISPs) to advertise their download speeds when promoting a package, but not the upload speeds. While you may be getting 100 megabits for downloading, you may be limited to as few as 10 megabits for uploading. This means that upload speeds will be slower, and can be slowed down by other people on your network just like the download speeds would be.

1 gigabit Internet is going to have the same 1-gigabit cap for uploads and downloads. This makes everything go faster on your network for uploading, which may have been capped at slow speeds before. 

Equipment Rental

Do you own your own modem? If so, it may not be possible to use your old equipment for your 1 gigabit Internet connection. You may find out that there are speed limitations of that old equipment that does not allow you to get those maximum speeds that are capable of a 1 gigabit Internet connection.

These are just a few things to know about upgrading to 1 gigabit Internet. For more information on this high-speed internet service, reach out to a company which offers high-speed internet service.