4 Industries That Can Get Good Usage Out Of MSAT G2 Satellite Push To Talk Radio

Satellite phones are great because they allow you to talk to anyone, anywhere as long as you have a signal. To get a signal, all you need to do is be out in the open, generally away from buildings.

Satellite push to talk radio takes the universal appeal of satellite phones and allows one to a private network that relies on satellite dishes in the sky for a signal. When one pushes to talk with an MSAT G2, you are immediately connected to everyone else who is on your network. This type of satellite communication is perfect for industries where the priority is interoffice communication when your employees are out in the field.

Push to talk satellite radio can be used in a wide range of industries. Four industries that particularly benefit from this type of communication devices include law enforcement, electrical utilities, public safety, and forestry.

#1 Law Enforcement

Law enforcement needs to be able to get calls from dispatch and communicate with them as well as their office and other officers, without other people cutting in. Although traditional radio waves are often used for officer communication, using a satellite radio system can allow for a great degree of privacy for these types of communications. A satellite radio may also work in areas where a traditional radio or cell phone may not work.

#2 Electrical Utilities

Electrical utility workers need to be able to stay in communication with their dispatch center. They need to be able to clearly communicate and let the dispatch center know when they are cutting power to an area, or to ask dispatch to cut the power. When cutting the power to certain areas, such as where a hospital is located, communication is key. A satellite push to talk radio system can ensure that the right level of communication is maintained.

#3 Public Safety

Public safety includes all the organizations that need to respond and coordinate in the event of a disaster. For example, in a hurricane zone, all the search and rescue parties need to communicate with one another as well as the first responders. With a push to talk system in place, all these different public safety divisions could work together over one signal to make sure that everything is taken care of. This type of system can be a great when cell towers are down during an emergency.

#4 Forestry

Forestry workers often work in remote areas where cell signals do not reach. With a push to talk satellite radio, forestry workers will be to communicate with the members of their team when they are in remote areas. They will also be able to contact the main dispatch office to communicate how work is going in the field and to get help if necessary.

Push to talk satellite radio systems, such as MSAT G2, are great ways to ensure communication is always possible for organizations such as law enforcement, public safety, electrical utilities, and forestry, where communication is the key to getting the job done in a safe manner.