4 Reasons Why Gaming PCs Are Better Than Consoles

If you're a gamer and you are not relying on a gaming PC, you might be missing out. While technology in terms of consoles has skyrocketed, there are still certain edges that a PC easily delivers that a traditional console can't deliver upon. Here are some of the reasons why these systems are awesome.

1. Lower Cost

Compared to traditional consoles, a gaming PC can help you play at a lower cost. Console games are more complex to design, hence their higher cost. However, PC games are not as complicated to design, which means that the game manufacturers can offer titles at a lower price. The less you have to pay for your games, the more games you can buy, which means more playing options for you.

2. Easier Multiplayer Play

One of the inconveniences of console play is the multiplayer requirements. Many of the consoles are set up only to allow users to play against the system for free. However, if they want to connect and play with other players around the world, they will need to pay a fee to connect to this service, which could be charged monthly or annually. PC gaming systems don't generally come with this cost and allow you to play with anyone without paying extra. 

3. Playing Versatility

A PC gaming system can also afford you the option of greater playing versatility. When you play with a traditional console, you are basically restricted to a controller for gameplay. For some players, this is convenient and easier, and for some other users, the controller is the opposite. When playing on a PC, you can use a controller style device, but you can also use a mouse and keyboard if this is a more convenient option for you, which puts the power in your hands. 

4. Ability to Upgrade

With a console, you get what you get. If there are modifications you want to make to the system, you can't. You will generally have to wait until the updated model comes out and hope that the changes you like to see have happened. When you have a gaming PC, you have more options to modify and upgrade the system as you see fit to provide you with a more personal gaming experience.

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