Why You Need a Tech Expert to Design Your Business’s App

There are tons of companies out there that provide templates and support for people like you who want to build your own website. That is great, because you can save time and money doing it yourself, and it is not difficult to do when you are given all of the basic tools. However, if you want to build a smartphone app for your business, that is quite a different story. Here is why you need a tech expert for this sort of thing.

Your "User Experience" Is Code Written to Support the App

The "user experience," or UX for short, is the code written to support the app. It is also the mechanics of the app that allow users to quickly locate what they are looking for on your app, and it helps them flow freely from one page to the next. In addition to these features, users find that the app is designed to fit and expand or shrink to the type of smartphone or tablet that they have. (You may target the smartphone app first, but be aware that the UX may need some retooling to fit and work with a tablet screen.)

Your "User Interface" Should Stretch When Users Want a Closer Look

Whether your users double-tap or pinch to stretch the screen, their "user interface," or UI, should follow their "commands." A user interface is the design and look of the app, and its ability (or lack thereof) to be user-friendly. You clearly want your app to be both user-friendly and attractive, but that is often a little more complicated that most "build-your-own-app" companies can provide.

You Will Need to Update the App Frequently

Smartphone companies are putting out newer model phones twice a year. These constant upgrades, along with the frequent upgrades in software, mean that you have to keep your app up to speed with the changes. When you are not a tech person, you will not be able to accomplish this task. Your app will begin crashing and have all sorts of problems; problems that will deeply affect the UX/UI factors. That leads to people deleting your app and not using it, which leads to decreased sales and profits.

Hire UI UX Design Services

There are UI UX design services that focus on providing you with a full app build, design, coding, and operations support. You can have someone else do all the work on the app, right on down to launching it and placing it in app stores. As things progress, these providers also help tweak the code so that it continues to run flawlessly with every new software update and every new model phone.