3 Things Businesses Do To Get Their Email Address Blacklisted As Spam

If you are like most business owners, you put a lot of time and effort into email marketing. With so many people relying on the internet as their go-to source for shopping and service information, email marketing is a highly valuable tool. The only issue is, a lot of businesses also do email marketing all wrong, and when they do, their email address gets sent straight on a one-way trip to the trash with a "Spam" label.

If a customer marks one of your business emails as spam, it means anything else you send is filtered out of their inbox, and this is a bad situation. Here's a look at three things business owners do wrong that land them with an email address that is blacklisted as spam. 

They send out too many emails. 

It is never a good idea to come off as overly aggressive with your email marketing tactics. Customers do not want to see a slew of emails from you every day because it can crowd out all their other emails and really leave them frustrated. The best thing to do is stick to an email marketing schedule. For example, you could send out one email per day or one email per week. Going too far in excess can land you with a blacklisted email and a huge stumbling block between you and recipients. 

They send out low-quality emails. 

There are basic rules you should follow when crafting a marketing email. For example, the email should:

  • Be precise and straight to the point
  • Provide pertinent information about the purpose of the email
  • Contain quick links to your business website
  • Be perfectly edited for style, functionality, and grammar

If the emails you send out are low quality or not perfectly functional, they could easily get flagged as spam. Say for example you send out a marketing email about an upcoming sale, but it only contains huge chunks of text, no imagery, and no website link. The customer may decide the email is not worth the time and effort to wade through the text or to dig around to find a website associated.

They send out emails with sketchy headlines. 

The headline or title box of the email is the first, and sometimes only, part of the email a customer will see. If this title line looks spammy, you better believe it will end up in the trash. People are terrified of spammy emails because they can be attached to viruses and come from scammers. Therefore, if something about the email title looks sketchy, it will most likely get flagged as spam.

If you believe your email address may be listed as spam, work with a company that does spam blacklist removal and then make sure you're not doing the above things to avoid being blacklisted again.