Nanopositioners: How To Watch And See What They Do

Nanopostioners can view things smaller in diameter than a single strand of human hair. That is very small indeed! There is probably just one nagging question you have left; how to view what the nanopositioner does and how it "sees." Here is how.

The Nanopositioner's Perfect Companion--the Nano-F Focusing Lenses for Microscopes

These are special microscope lenses that you can attach to the bottom of a high-power microscope. They allow you to see how the nanopositioner is positioning the tiny object on a slide for viewing. They can also be useful when you need to manually manipulate the nanopositioner to position a tiny object onto the slide.

The focusing lenses can see up to 200 microns of travel, which is both very fast and very small. To give you some idea of what these lenses can view, a human sperm can be viewed at 55 microns and a human egg at a fraction of that (because human ova can be seen with the naked eye, and do not require a microscope unless you want a closer view). These lenses view things two to four times faster and smaller than a single human sperm!

Electron Microscope Video Recorders

Video cameras made to work with electron microscopes are now able to record everything a nanopositioner does. This is most effective when you are doing cellular and pharmaceutical research and you need to control every action taken in order to get expected results. The video recorders film in real time, so that you can watch what is happening as it is happening. 

If you combine both the recording device and the lens attachment for the microscope, then you can actively participate in the work of the nanopositioner while also demonstrating to others. If you need to make a recording to play for an audience at a conference or convention, then you can connect a laptop to the camera to record the data and burn to a disk or keep on your hard drive. Then you can create a presentation speech to accompany the pre-recorded video on the work conducted with the nanopositioner.

Nanopositioners for Sale

Clearly, if you want either of the above accessories for a nanopositioner, you must first invest in a nanopositioner. There are many brands and types for sale, if you know where to look. Each of them offers some unique benefits that can only be enhanced by the above accessories.